Auto Services

Auto Services

Auto Service in Biddeford, ME

We work on all major makes and models of vehicles and provide an array of services, including complex auto repair as well as the usual tune-up and preventative maintenance services.

Don’t let something, whether it’s a big or small issue, get in the way of your transportation. When you allow a problem to fester, it can get worse, only costing you more money in repairs in the long run, and not to mention spending more time in the shop.

Rely on our crew to get your car back on the road and driving smoothly again in no time!.

Being a full service Garage, there are many replaceable parts that we carry and jobs that we do including, Gas Tanks, Alternators, Axles, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pans, AC Compressors, Batteries 

Services offered:

State Inspection Sticker Biddeford, ME

Routine Maintenance

In addition to our car repair service, we can also provide you with routine maintenance service. Routine maintenance also serves as preventative maintenance, making it just as important.

We offer:

  • 30, 60, & 90,000 Mile Maintenance Services
  • Oil Changes
  • State Inspections

  • Tire Services, including rotation
  • …And More!

Our diagnostic services provide you with the information to know what needs to be fixed and adjusted on your car. For instance, the check engine light should be seen as an alert, not a suggestion.

Our diagnostics gather data that we use to repair your car in the most efficient and effective way possible. This data is received with various codes referring to different issues and things that need to be repaired. Leave the decoding and diagnosis to us for reliable, efficient repairs!  

Battery Service

Twin City Radiator carries Interstate Batteries which have been voted best battery for 6 years in a row. 

Maine winters are harsh and many batteries can not tolerate these tough conditions. 

Don't get stuck in the cold! Come see us for an Interstate Battery today! 

State Inspection Sticker

Don’t get caught by the boys in blue with an out-of-date inspection sticker. The fine will be more of a hassle than just coming in and getting an inspection on time. We can provide your car with a certified state inspection sticker to be sure that your car is up-to-date and safe for the roadways.

So you don’t forget, mark down when your inspection sticker expires on a calendar, planner, or in your cellphone calendar for a reminder! Then you can be sure to schedule an appointment with us on time so you don’t get caught with a ticket.

Inspections for:
  • Motorcycle 
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Motor vehicle emissions 
  • Trailers 
  • Tinting Inspection 

Contact Us Today!

For preventative maintenance, state inspections, tire service, and car repair, give us a call to set an appointment. Our crew will be more than happy to bring your car up-to-date with the state standards and what’s safest for you as the driver, your passengers, and fellow drivers on the road!

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