Radiator Service in Biddeford, Maine

Having comfort while riding in your car is important, which is why we’re here to service your AC systems and radiators. One of the most common radiator problems is overheating when the thermostat malfunctions. This can alter your car’s overall performance and emission levels. Overheating can also be caused by leaking coolant fluids.

Take Care of Your Radiator Sooner Rather Than Later

When one of these problems arise, it’s best to get your car’s entire cooling system checked, including the radiator, the radiator cap, and all the plugs and hoses.

Another problem that can occur with your radiator is that it can get clogged or blocked by dust and other dirt buildup. To get your radiator repaired and tuned-up, call the team here at Twin City, and we’d be happy to set an appointment as soon as possible!

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