Tire Service

Tire Service

Tire Service for Biddeford, ME

Especially after the harsh winter elements and continuous plowing, many potholes are usually found in the spring time. While you’re driving, keep an extra eye out for those pesky potholes because they can take a toll on the front end of your car, as well as your tires, suspension, and shocks.

Prevent yourself from having to buy tires sooner than necessary by routinely rotating your tires and realigning them. This will prevent just one or two tires from wearing out faster than the rest, making your ride that much smoother. Our tire service and auto service options will save you money in the long run and make sure you and your passengers are safe on the road!

Used tires are available. We offer great prices on new tires!

Tire Service Biddeford, ME

Keep a Balance; Let us provide you with all of your auto service needs!

Your car’s suspension is yet another factor that can be affected by potholes. The car’s suspension is what makes or breaks the smoothness of your ride. It connects to the shock absorbers, springs, and linkages.

Whether you need your tires rotated, aligned or your suspensions or shocks tended to, Twin City Radiator & Alternator’s crew is here to provide the right auto service for you. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

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